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Whether you’re in the market for a new, cost-effective heating system or looking to optimize the efficiency of your existing wood-burning fireplace, consider a pellet stove or insert. Safe, convenient, and eco-friendly, these innovative options are steadily gaining popularity. As your fireplace experts, FLAME-TECH® provides the extensive knowledge, resources, and skilled services to ensure the right fit for your needs. We can help you determine if a pellet burning stove is an advantageous decision, guide you through the many options, and deliver unmatched value and satisfaction.

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Pellet stoves require a minimal amount of electricity, but have no need of an installed chimney. There’s very little smoke, no creosote buildup, and the unit can be vented directly outside via a hole in the wall. The stove is designed to burn wood pellets which are made from compressed sawdust and wood waste, and therefore, do not contribute to deforestation. Pellet stoves utilize convection blowers to promote more even and efficient heating, creating a perfectly comfortable living environment on the coldest days and nights at a low cost.

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Professional installation is essential. The fully certified technicians from FLAME-TECH® verify safety and code requirements and make sure the stove circulates maximum heat throughout the room. We offer wood pellet inserts to turn your drafty, labor-intensive wood-burning fireplace into a cost-saving heat source. Clean, easy to operate, and long-lasting pellet stoves and inserts provide consistent comfort. Get in touch with FLAME-TECH® for a complete range of services, options, and free estimates** on sales calls.

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