Chase Tops

A chase top provides a shield to keep water, debris, pests, and moisture out of the chimney. This metal covering looks similar to a shoebox and after several years of wear and tear, can rust and need to be replaced. Ignoring a damaged chase top often leads to expensive repairs. Contact FLAME-TECH® for expert chimney inspection. We’ll check for cracks, corrosion, and other issues, making sure your chimney chase top is in proper condition.

Chase Top Installation

If you notice rusty water discoloring the chimney, the chase top is probably deteriorating. Heat and environmental exposure contributes to the degradation of the galvanized coating, leaving the metal unprotected and prone to rust. Replacement should be handled immediately to avoid more serious problems. Because chase tops need to match the exact specifications of the chimney chase, you need expert service. Look no further than FLAME-TECH® for affordable and reliable solutions.

Chase Top Replacements & Service

FLAME-TECH® is a pioneer of the industry and proud to have been issued the very first Hearth Contractor licenses in the state of Delaware. Our team is extensively trained, tested, and kept updated with new innovations. Locally owned and operated, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and trustworthy service.

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