Gas Fireplace – A gas fireplace is built into the wall with framing and drywall.

Gas Insert – A gas insert is placed into an existing masonry fireplace and has venting installed into the chimney.

Gas Logs – Gas logs are installed into an existing factory built fireplace or an existing masonry fireplace

A vented fireplace has a vent that allows the exhaust to exit the house.

A vent free or unvented fireplace does not have a vent. The exhaust is released into the home.

A vent free unit will produce excess water vapor, carbon monoxide, and odor into the house. This is why they are outlawed in some states. *Refer to your owner’s manual for operating procedures.

A wood burning fireplace is open faced and most of the heat will go up the chimney.
A wood burning insert or wood burning stove is a sealed unit which will heat the house.

A chimney cap is used to prevent rain and animals from getting into the fireplace. It also keeps sparks from escaping the chimney.

A chase top is a metal cover on top of a wood/siding chimney chase. (A chase is the wood structure enclosing the metal pipe.)

Yes, the manufacturers recommend annual service to be performed by a certified technician.

Yes, we clean (sweep) both wood and oil chimneys.

Minimum of one time per year, or one time per cord of wood burned.

When you have your last fire for the winter. That way it’s done and ready for the next burn season.

Not usually. However, the appliance does require service.

Yes, we are a dealer for all of the top brands and provide installation from start to finish.

Yes, that is our main focus, we stock most repair parts on our service trucks.

With a masonry fireplace, cold air can be pulled down the chimney into the room.

With a gas fireplace, the cold air is usually due to no insulation or not enough insulation in the walls around the unit. Cold air does not come through the vent of a gas fireplace.

Yes, we have three levels to choose from. Check out our service plans.

Cash, Check, MasterCard and Visa.

Yes, our financing is offered through Enerbank. Check out the available options and get more details.

No, but you can shut off the gas if you’re concerned.

Shut the gas off to the unit, and call for service.

Yes, we’re sending a trained technician in a stocked service truck to diagnose the fireplace.

Yes, we can handle small repairs up to rebuilds.

Yes, we will need to come out to look at the site and the unit being installed to provide a quote. There is an estimate fee for this.

Maybe, depends on what fireplace you have. While many of the fireplaces will accept a fan, there are also many that will not. A fan also requires electricity.

A chimney cap or screen will prevent critters from getting into your chimney/fireplace.

Most fireplaces installed today will work without power, excluding the blower. Some older units will not.

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