Chimney Relining

Chimneys require a non-combustible lining to efficiently and safely vent toxic gases and smoke created by your fireplace, stove, or furnace. The chimney liner must be maintained in good working order, without cracks, deficiencies, or accumulation to protect the home from combustible byproducts. Even small flaws impact system performance and risk leakage of toxic gases, fire, damage, and life-threatening hazards. FLAME-TECH® provides affordable and professional chimney relining in select areas of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Chimney Liner Replacement & Installation

Concerns with chimney liner damage are often identified during annual inspection. Contact FLAME-TECH® at 302.996.9250 for conscientious troubleshooting and a complete range of skilled services. Locally owned and operated, we combine experience and expertise with the necessary tools of the trade to ensure effective solutions to any challenge. As the very first to be issued a Hearth Contractor license in the state of Delaware, we continue to pioneer the industry.

Call flame-tech® for all your chimney lining services!

We encourage you to have the condition of your chimney liner verified. The leading cause of chimney fires is a faulty liner. We’ve even come across older homes with no chimney liner installed. According to the National Fire Protection Association, all masonry chimneys are required to have a liner. Along with safety, a chimney liner extends the life of the chimney. Whether installation, repairs, or replacement are needed, FLAME-TECH® offers honest recommendations and completes all work quickly and without disrupting your property.

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