H200 HamptonThe FLAME-TECH® story

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  1. Paint fireplace interior (flat black only)
  2. Clean fireplace cavities
  3. Clean heat exchanger area
  4. Clean the glass
  5. Remove and clean all logs
  6. Remove and clean the burners
  7. Check piezo ignitor
  8. Clean and adjust pilot assembly
  9. Clean thermocouple and/or thermopile
  10. * Replace embers
  11. Check all electrical connections
  12. Test-fire the unit
  13. Check and adjust pilot flame
  14. Check gas pressures
  15. Check for gas leaks
  16. Check millivolts on safety valve
  17. Test all options (fan & remote)
  18. Check termination for obstructions
  19. Test for carbon monoxide & gas leaks
  20. Check all seals and gaskets

* Standard or Platinum Bright Embers additional cost

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