H200 HamptonCreate efficient, reliable and simple to use comfort.

A FLAME-TECH® technician will come to your home to install the fireplace product you've selected. The technician will be the first on the job and stay until the installation is complete. We take great pride in our work and make sure that your home is kept clean by covering furniture and placing heavy drop cloths directly in front of the fireplace. Hearth pad protectors and thick floor runners are put down to ensure debris doesn't end up on your carpeting or floor. Heavy paper is also placed on top of hard wood floors for extra precautionary measures. We also have custom-made vacuums that are used after the installation, leaving your home as clean as when we arrived.

FLAME-TECH® technicians have been trained by the various fireplace manufacturers and follow installation instructions closely to meet or exceed all local codes and standards. We will explain the process thoroughly before and during the installation. Our technicians will also spend time explaining the features of how to operate your new fireplace. On-going service contract will be offered, which is recommended by every manufacturer and is also a national code requirement.

FLAME-TECH® completes most fireplace installations in one day!

"Your technician was a gentleman. I felt very comfortable with him and he knew what he was doing. He's a keeper!" - M. Poole

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