H200 HamptonFLAME-TECH® offers several options to convert your existing fireplace from wood burning to gas.

You can choose from a vented gas log or a gas fireplace insert. These options do not involve making any structural changes, but there are significant differences in aesthetics, energy efficiency, and effects on the air inside your home.

A gas log set will give you the look of an open fire but not a lot of heat. Installers must lock the damper into an open position. This guards against someone lighting the fire and forgetting to open the vent, which could flood your home with carbon monoxide. Having the damper open all of the time, of course, means that you're losing heated or cooled air all the time. To avoid that, you'd also need to install tight-fitting glass doors.

The better option is a true gas fireplace insert, which will change the overall aesthetic. The combustion air is piped in and the warm exhaust air is piped out. This is a very energy efficient option, which allows you to leave the fire running as long as you want. Most of these fire heater rated solutions can be turned on and off manually. They can also be controlled by remote control or by a thermostat. These are an incredible source of heating your home and save fuel costs.

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