H200 HamptonFLAME-TECH® offers many different wood burning stoves and fireplace options.

Traditional fireplace, old wood stoves and fireplace insert's smoke excessively because they do not burn wood with complete combustion, which includes burning the smoke too. Smoke is essentially unburned fuel. For wood to burn completely, the right environment must exist. This includes the proper mix of fuel, oxygen and heat.

Wood-burning hearth products now include technology that creates an optimum burning environment and essentially burns the smoke away.

All wood stoves and wood fireplace inserts manufactured and sold today in the United States are required to meet strict emission standards and to be certified by EPA. An example of this technology is the two types of EPA-certified wood stoves and fireplace inserts — Catalytic and Non-Catalytic. Catalytic wood stoves and fireplace inserts have honeycombed chambers coated with a metal catalyst (usually platinum or palladium) that works to increase the rate of combustion. The catalytic combustor burns away gases and particulate that would normally be emitted into the air. Catalytic wood stoves provide the ability for people to burn wood at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. With non-catalytic wood stoves, combustion occurs in the firebox. These stoves are generally less expensive than catalytic wood stoves and require less maintenance.

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