Electric FireplacesBreathe Easy, Live Healthy and save Energy with these Electric Fireplaces

FLAME-TECH provides the newest, cutting-edge electric firebox designs for contemporary spaces, available in multiple finishes from Burnished Walnut, Oak, and more. The layers of special glass are illuminated from below and refract and reflect the light, resulting in a warm captivating glow.

Some of the electric fireplaces we install feature the Purifire Air Treatment System that filters mold spores, pollen, dander and dust from indoor air. This washable filter will purify the air four times per hour. Electric fireplaces use over 90% less energy than gas to produce visual flames with zero emissions.

"Jerry and Bill were instrumental in convincing County government to institute licensing requirements for NFI certification, and are among the first in the country to hold the license." – Susan Kalish, Executive Director HPB Education Foundation & National Fireplace Institute